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Urtaki 10, Aduna (GIPUZKOA)

Tel. 629 53 40 50
Fax. 943 69 44 24


Installation of Voice and Data

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Is an new installation Voice and Data, in a company with more than 40 persons working there.

In head-board we place a cupboard where there are centralized all the devices related to the computers: server , Ups, Adsl, Switches... , and also everything related to the telephony.

Realized a new exterior installation, the cables have come to all the working places. Placing in each of them normal net, Ups, and net and telephone.

The technical office being in the workshop, to avoid problems that the distance could originate from the server, an interconnection has been done by optical fiber.

And finally,we have installed several points of net for the whole workshop, for the managers.

Installation certified in Category 6.

Installation realized in 2006.

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